Lower inventory, higher service levels, better margins.

Forecast Guardian™ is a Cloud-based, SaaS platform being developed by Fiddlehead Technology. Building on existing budgeting and forecasting tools, Forecast Guardian™ mines thousands of data points per product to provide prescriptive recommendations on how to improve forecast performance and then predicts the financial impact to your business.

Every forecast has a story. Forecast Guardian™ tells the story you need to hear.

  • One

    Forecast Value Add Score

    Forecast Value Added (FVA) score for objective benchmarks of forecasting performance based on business impact and SKU forecastability.

  • Two

    Predictive Alerts

    Predictive alerts including probabilities for out-of-stocks and fill-rate penalties.

  • Three

    Process Step-Chart

    Step chart to identify where in the forecasting process value is being added or lost.


  • Four

    Forecast Value Add Trend

    Forecast Value Add (FVA) trend-line shows performance over time and facilitates drilldown for root-cause analysis.


  • Five

    Actionable Recommendations

    Actionable, plain language recommendations for forecasting performance improvements based on SKU segmentation by volume, variance, and/or user defined KPIs.


Our Early Adopter Program

We are now recruiting a limited number of qualified food and beverage manufacturers to join our Early Adopter Program. If you qualify, you’ll receive a free assessment of your forecasting performance, a discounted annual service fee, and the opportunity to help shape our product’s development.

To find out if your company qualifies, send us your details through the form and we'll get in touch.