See Competitor Promotions Before They Happen

Successful trade promotion strategy today must consider what the competition is going to do tomorrow. Predicting their activity gives you the time and space to weigh your options.

Identify Future Promotional Opportunity Gaps
Validate Sales Targets
Predict Competitor Price & Promotions

Category Foresight Report™

The Category Foresight Report™ is an FMCG retail category report that identifies competitive blindspots, predicting competitor pricing and promotions.

Using deep learning, predictions are made for every brand in the category, for each channel, in every state. The forecasts are made for a 5 week period: 8-12 weeks from the time of purchase, giving you time to adjust your tactics.

For manufacturers to get the most out of the report, it identifies future opportunity gaps where there will be markets with low promotion and high demand.

As a Nielsen Connected Partner, Fiddlehead pulls syndicated data directly from Nielsen, with no burden on you. Upon purchase, we will analyze your data and have the report in your inbox within 2 business days.

What to Expect

◦ An excel spreadsheet populated with price and promotion forecasts for every brand in the category, for each channel, in every state.

◦ An interactive dashboard for selective benchmarking by brand, channel, manufacturer, state, and time horizon.

◦ Two business day computation time.

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