Lower inventory, higher service levels, better margins.

Forecast Guardian™ is a Cloud-based, SaaS platform developed by Fiddlehead Technology. Building on existing budgeting and forecasting tools, Forecast Guardian™ mines thousands of data points per product to provide prescriptive recommendations on how to improve forecast performance and then predicts the financial impact to your business.

Every forecast has a story. Forecast Guardian™ tells the story you need to hear.

  • One

    Forecast Value Add Score

    Forecast Value Added (FVA) score for objective benchmarks of forecasting performance based on business impact and SKU forecastability.

  • Two

    Predictive Alerts

    Predictive alerts including probabilities for out-of-stocks and fill-rate penalties.

  • Three

    Process Step-Chart

    Step chart to identify where in the forecasting process value is being added or lost.


  • Four

    Forecast Value Add Trend

    Forecast Value Add (FVA) trend-line shows performance over time and facilitates drilldown for root-cause analysis.


  • Five

    Actionable Recommendations

    Actionable, plain language recommendations for forecasting performance improvements based on SKU segmentation by volume, variance, and/or user defined KPIs.