Fiddlehead Technology now a member of of the Nielsen Connected Partner Program

We’re pleased to announce that Fiddlehead is an inaugural member of the newly launched Nielsen Connected Partner Program, an industry first solution that helps you easily connect your network, discover new partners, and utilize the most robust retail and shopper data in the world. Now, you can shift from managing data to making smarter, faster decisions.

The proliferation of data, accelerated pace of business and rapid advancement of digital technologies has created an environment where success is dependent on connections.

The Connected Partner Program will help you:
● Access the latest technology from Nielsen’s ever-growing network of partners
● Leverage your Nielsen data with our data to drive a new level of insights and actions
● Shift from doing data management and data alignment to making data driven decisions
● And, as Nielsens’ new platform rolls out, grow your capabilities in an additive way by enriching your data with every interaction

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“At Fiddlehead, we want to help FMCG manufacturers focus on decisions not data,” says Shawn Carver, Fiddlehead Technology CEO. “By becoming a Nielsen Connected Partner, we can serve our clients without subjecting them to cumbersome data extraction challenges that are normally a perquisite for advanced analytics. Our Promo Guardian™ solution is now pre-populated directly from Nielsen, which dramatically reduces the time required for us to benchmark a FMCG manufacturer's promotional effectiveness against their competition and unearth costly, hidden inefficiencies.”

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